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Woodland Trust

It takes a bit of stamina and determination to get into America Wood, on the outskirts of Shanklin, since it has little accessible parking. However, the more active Isle of Wight visitor can make use of public footpaths and bridleways that lead into the wood. There is an ‘open’ feel to the site with storm damage in 1987 and 1990 creating lots of open sections. There is one particularly large glade which is gradually reverting to woodland.

While much of the wood is thought to be ancient woodland, the northern section has a mixture of conifers and broadleaves. Unusually for the Isle of Wight, most of the wood today is high oak forest with downy birch.

The woodland floor supports a great deal of holly but little else in the way of ground cover. A badger sett has been reported and red squirrels occasionally spotted.